Lake Help now sells Aqua Lily Pad's Maui Mat!  The Maui Mat is made by Aqua Lily Pad for the retail store.  We are the official Wisconsin distributor of the Aqua Lily Pad and the retail distributor of the Maui Mat!

The Aqua Lily Pad comes in 3 sizes: 12', 18' and 20'.

The Maui Mat also comes in 3 sizes and in kind of the big brother to the Aqua Lily Pad.  14', 20', and 22'.

We are located 5 minutes from Minnesota in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin.

Lake Help
2091 US Highway 8
St Croix Falls, WI 54024

Pads can be shipped via Spee-Dee deliver or picked up at our St Croix Falls store or our Amery Warehouse.


Aqua Lily Pad


You can also contact us with questions or see us at

Maui Mat


We offer a wide range of product, from the 20' Bullfrog to the Single Tadpole Mat.  We have kick boards, and storage bags for the Aqua Lily Pads.  Check out or product section for more details.

Official Wisconsin Distributor

Outdoor Fun

Whether you're 18 or 48, a day on the Aqua Lily Pad will make you feel like a kid. Spend a day with the family, and enjoy memories for years to come.

Based in Amery, Wisconsin, we can easily supply the area in a timely manner.  Give is a call today. 715-220-4635